Sunday into Monday – Andreas Widmer

How does Sunday impact your work on Monday? Join us at the Faith and Business Conference Thursday August 18th as Andreas Widmer speaks on faith and the workplace. Register today!

Faith and Business Conference Trailer 2016

At the second annual Faith and Business Conference we will lay out the vision and principles of an integrated life where faith and business are complimentary and not contradictory. We will look at how faith is practically expressed in the life and work of a person in the business or professional field. We will encourage attendees to be open to the proposal and possibilities of a fuller life where the priorities of the human person are organized properly and balanced accordingly so that the potential of business is realized in our community, along with the flourishing of the individuals and families upon whom society is built. We want to lay out for attendees a vision of the integrated life in our community, particularly in how we live and work. Register today!

CMBF Podcast Episode 2

CMBF Podcast Episode 1